So you’ve got an idea, that’s great! Have you got a team? If you have that’s great too. Now you want to know the secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur, right? But you still need to polish those skills. You’ve come to the right place.
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8.3.-10.03.2017 Latvia

Now this is a challenge! Come up with a killer business idea in just 24hrs; and maybe, just maybe you’ll get lucky and have a future unicorn* on your hands! Creative, talented and motivated people from 3 different countries will come together to form truly international teams. People like you with a range of experiences, from many different fields of study and with various interesting backgrounds. You’ll get your heads together, you’ll explore and develop new solutions; all from that one brilliant idea. *A unicorn is a company with a value over one billion dollars!


5.4.-7.4.2017 Finland

Kick your idea to the next level of entrepreneurship with this three day training session. Master ideation and innovation, learn about business modelling, storytelling and a whole lot more! This comprehensive workshop will give you the tools you need to ideate, create opportunities from you ideas and give these ideas substance; you will then go on to develop and discuss them with your teams as you really begin to get started.



This 1-day online workshop will focus on finding the perfect market fit for your product or service. Through customer discovery and market validation you will get the skills to build products that really solves customer needs. As well as great tips and guidelines for developing your fantastic ideas further, you will work on refining your customer insight based Business Model Canvas. How about that then!


26.6.-30.6.2017 Latvia

AT-TEN-TION! It’s Boot Camp! A 5-day, super intensive, hands-on business experience. Learn by actually doing, get your hands dirty, get your idea ready… for the public! You’ll learn to focus on the customer, learning how to develop your business with them firmly in mind. You’ll learn the valuable lesson of how to create the perfect pitch as well as the basics of startup funding. At the end of the week you’ll put all that work into practice, as you pitch to earn one of the 10 places at the final.


Autumn 2017

This is it, the final pitch! 10 fantastic teams, 10 fantastic ideas, fighting it out for the grand prize. A prize invaluable to any new startup. Judged by a panel of international specialists and mentors, they will be handing out valuable feedback to both the winners and runners up. Golden nuggets of expertise from our professionals will help you focus; work harder, work smarter and take that great idea to market.


Autumn 2017

Now this shizzle gets real! Focusing on the most advanced teams from the development programme and idea pitching competition, this phase offers intensive coaching, cross team training and the participation in networking events. The aim is to get that first seed investment! You will also apply for accelerator programmes, funding programmes and strengthen relationships with existing and/or potential future investors.


Will Cardwell

Courage Ventures

Will is a partner at Courage Ventures and a Lean LaunchPadTM trainer. He serves as a mentor in several accelerators and is a lecturer in entrepreneurship and venture capital at Aalto University Executive Education.

Fabian Sepulveda

Courage Ventures

Fabian is a partner at Courage Ventures and works as a lecturer at Aalto University and as a mentor for several accelerators and startups. He is a true professional when it comes to customer development, BMD and Lean Startups.

Laura Carnicelli

Courage Ventures

Laura is a partner at Courage Ventures. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and startups. She’s also a mentor for several accelerators and startup events around the world. Fundraising, lean startups and pitch training are her core strengths.

Povilas Valiauga

Courage Ventures

Povilas is a partner at Courage Ventures and an active contributor to the startup and entrepreneurship communities in Finland and Lithuania. He has a strong Technology background and knows a thing or two about high-tech, innovation, design and behavioural economics.

Harri Tallinn


Harri is team leader and organiser of Estonia’s biggest startup competition, He’s truly passionate about Lean Startup, BMC and the user centric approach. His strong interest in developments combining IT, design and the business field makes him truly multi-talented.

Grete Gutmann


Grete is a Senior Consultant at Civitta in Estonia and Founder of CEED Tech. She’s a mentor in several accelerator programs, she also has a watchful eye over our teams during the competition. She’s the ultimate professional when it comes to business strategy and planning.

Viesturs Sosars

SSE Riga

Viesturs is a Co Founder at Ampple and head of entrepreneurial courses at the Stockholm School of Economics, Riga. He works as a mentor at several accelerators and at startup events around Latvia. He is a true professional when it comes to technology and innovative development.

STARTUP PASSION IN BALTIC SEA REGION The project STARPABS, aims to raise awareness and get university students interested in entrepreneurship. Helping them to build international teams around their business ideas. The project will also attract new entrepreneurial talent into the Central Baltic region, as well as introducing a model for supporting the creation of student-based international companies. The project combines competences from higher education programmes, student bodies and enterprise development agencies to encourage the best students to take up international entrepreneurship.
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Who can register/participate in the StartUp Passion program?

Are students from different universities like Xamk, TLU or SSE Riga, and other educational institutions allowed to join StartUp Passion program?

Do you have to be an EU citizen? Or a citizen of Est/Fin/Lat? Is there any age limit? Are all fields of study allowed to join?

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