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You have an idea and a team, or you are looking for a team to bring your idea further? Then you found the right address.




You have an idea and a team, or you are looking for a team to bring your idea further? But you still need to perfect your skills in order to become a successful entrepreneur? You are committed and motivated and keen on being international from beginning on? You want to learn from the best and do what it takes to plant the seed of a great success story? You are willing to work hard and give everything? You are one step away from being all that APPLY NOW



A 24h challenge, to invent in this time, a growing idea that can become a real business idea and even an outstanding success in the future. Creative, talented and motivated participants from 3 different countries are coming together and form cross border teams. People form different field of experience, study field and background to explore and develop new solutions out of a simple idea


A 3-day training to get your idea, and your team to the next level of entrepreneurship. You will learn to master ideation and innovation, learn about business modeling storytelling and lots more. This training workshop will prepare all the participants to ideate, move from idea to opportunity, and give form to their ideas so that they can be discussed and further developed in the teams.


A 1-day online workshop, we will focus on learning how to find the product – market fit through customer discovery and market validation thus helping you to build products that solve customer needs. We also further develop the Business Model Canvases based on customer insights; get some tips and guidelines for the further development of your business ideas.


A 5-day Boot Camp an intensive week full of hard work and learning by doing, to get your idea ready for the public. You will gain knowledge in business development with customer oriented ways, in product development processes, pitching and as well as the basis of startup funding. Boot Camp ends with a pitching competition.


The 10 best teams form the Boot Camp will compete against each other to win a prize with huge value. An international jury will be judging your idea, give you valuable feedback to keep on working harder and bring your business to the market.


We focus on most advanced teams from the development program and business idea competition. FB2S offers intensive coaching, common trainings with other teams, participation in investor or networking events. The goal is to help teams to find out the first seed funding for starting their business. It will help teams to apply for an accelerator program, funding programs, investor events etc

Our Mentors

Will Cardwell

Courage Ventures

Will is a partner at Courage Ventures and Lean LaunchPadTM trainer. He serves as a mentor in several accelerators and is a lecturer at Aalto University Executive Education in entrepreneurship and venture capital topics.

Fabian Sepulveda

Courage Ventures

Fabian is a partner at Courage Ventures and works as a lecturer at Aalto University and as a mentor for several accelerator and startup. He is a true professional when it comes on customer development, BMD and Lean Startups.

Laura Carnicelli

Courage Ventures

Laura is the strong woman behind and also a partner at Courage Ventures. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and startups. She also is a mentor in several accelerators and startup events around the world. Fundraising, lean startups and pitching training are her strength.

Povilas Valiauga

Courage Ventures

Povilas is a partner at Courage Ventures and actively contributed to the startup and entrepreneurship communities in Finland and Lithuania. He has a strong Technology background and knows best about high-tech, innovation, design and behavioral economics.

Harri Tallinn


Harri is the team leader and organizer of Estonia´s biggest startup competition He is truly passionate about Lean Startup, BMC and user centric approach his strong interest in developments combining IT, design and business field, makes him multitalented in many ways

Grete Gutmann


Grete is a Senior Consultant at Civitta in Estonia and also a Founder of CEED Tech. She is a mentor in several accelerator programs, she also have a watchful eye on our teams during the competition. She is truly a professional when it comes to business strategy and planning.

Viesturs Sosars

SSE Riga

Viesturs is a Co Founder at Ampple and Head of entrepreneurial Courses at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. He works as a mentor in several accelerators and startup events around Latvia. He is a true professional when it comes on technology and innovation development.

Krists Avots

SSE Riga

Krists is a lecturer at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and also Director of Business Development at Lattelecom, a company which provides electronic communication service in Latvia. He is a true professional when it comes to digital marketing and serves as a mentor at Garage 48



The project STARPABS aims at raising awareness and interest towards entrepreneurship among university students and helping them to build international teams around their business ideas. The project will also attract new entrepreneurial talent into the Central Baltic region as well as create a model for supporting creation of student-based international companies. The project combines competences of higher education programs, student populations and enterprise development agencies to encourage the best students to take up international entrepreneurship.
CURSOR Ltd Lead Partner
Kyamk Project Partner
Tallinn University Project Partner
SSE Riga Project Partner
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